Boston College Friday Link Dump: Hoops Postmortem; Baseball Begins


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Yesterday was a sad day in Boston, and not just because of the miserable snowstorm and the crippling traffic jams on Route 128 or basically anywhere else you looked.

Boston College Eagles basketball fell flat on their faces once again, this time at Georgia Tech. The Friday links begin with a roundup of the reaction to their latest last-second defeat.

BC Basketball: Georgia Tech 74, Boston College 71: Eagles Flounder In Closing Moments Again

Of course, we start with our own. We don’t do this sort of thing on Soaring to Glory, but we could have totally cut-and-pasted recap bits and pieces from other articles we’ve done this season. Thing is, Boston College invented a new way to lose (for them) yesterday: Steve Donahue calling his last timeout with 3.4 seconds left, when Brian Gregory had none remaining, thereby allowing Gregory (whose Yellow Jackets had possession) to draw up the game-winning play.

BC Basketball: Georgia Tech 74, Boston College 71: And Donahue Has His West Point Moment

We all know Donahue’s poor performance will get him fired sooner rather than later (with sooner meaning at the end of this season in Greensboro next month), but that timeout will go down as Donahue’s Rubicon-crossing moment. Brian here compares it to Frank Spaziani’s loss at Michie Stadium in 2012 — the final insult.

BC Basketball: Overthinking to another loss

Bill echoes the sentiment and continues pounding on Donahue for his over-coaching.

BC Basketball: Georgia Tech escapes with 74-71, buzzer-beating win over Boston College and Georges-Hunt Sinks Last-Second Three to Push Georgia Tech Over Boston College

The Georgia Tech perspective. They’re happier about the win than anything else; meanwhile, “The Timeout” will go down in the annals of Boston College basketball hoops hell.

BC Basketball: Boston College’s Hard Work Paying Off In ACC Campaign

Now for your daily laugh, an article from Wednesday. NESN ran this article but they didn’t write it; some oddsmaking site did. Nevertheless, it’s a load of hokey, moral-victory-prioritizing bologna. Their hard work sure is paying off, as evidenced by their 6-18 record, right?

Their main focus is gambling, but they’re going out of their way to lay on the “BC is getting better” schtick by talking about teamwork and the “BC Way.” Moral victories (covering the spread) apparently qualify. This makes it easy to tell who just looks at the spreads and who actually watches the games.

BC Women’s Basketball: Women’s Basketball Falls to No. 2 Notre Dame, 82-61

The news wasn’t any better at Conte Forum, as the women dropped a blowout to #2 Notre Dame.

BC Baseball: Baseball Looks to Use Depth and Versatility for 2014 Postseason Run

Best of luck, guys. The Eagles went 12-40 last season, so forgive me for not jumping all over the rah-rah-go-team mantra, but they’re our Eagles.