Soaring to Glory Show, February 12: Actually Happening This Week


No snow, no problem.

No, really, it’s no problem at all.

The messy weather is happening on Thursday, but on Wednesday night, all hands will be present and accounted for so that we may present The Soaring to Glory Show at 7pm.

Associate editor Kyle Egan and I will discuss the Eagles’ recent victory in the Beanpot, amongst other things. Since there’s no basketball game (postponed until tomorrow, for those blissfully out of the loop), we will suspend what would have been a lively riffing of a probably-deplorable effort in Atlanta.

Listen in at and on Channel 47 on the Boston College campus. Because of the technical issues experienced last time, we can’t promise that our phones will be up and running, but if you feel the need to comment, in that case, scream at your computer. It’s therapeutic.