Boston College Monday Link Dump: Showing Cause for Bruce Pearl


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Boston College basketball fans — quit your snarky remarks, outsiders, we do exist — are looking towards what is to come, because what is in front of us is too difficult to bear — difficult for Steve Donahue and for us.

We begin our link dump with a look at one of the potential faces in our future, who is under the NCAA’s thumb.

Basketball: Guest Blog: Tim Epstein on NCAA rules and show clauses

These are the questions basketball fans are asking right now, and ATL put them to a sports law teacher. In sum, we all know that Bruce Pearl is under a show-cause penalty for past misdeeds which, at this point, seem relatively minor. One would hope that he is contrite for what happened thereafter, but repentance does not factor in the NCAA’s decisions. Boston College could not hire him officially until August 23; to move sooner would welcome the wrath of a fiercely incompetent but doggedly determined organization in the form of penalties against our school.

There are probably ways to work the system, like hiring an interim coach until such time as Pearl would take over, but for now it’s all mental gymnastics. Boston College is not yet at the point where they’re calling coaches for interviews, though it would be nice. ATL had noted repeatedly that there is still dissent from certain booster factions towards hiring Pearl, which is why a coach like Ben Howland should be considered option 1B to Pearl’s 1A.

(ICYMI) Football: Safety Tre Tarpley commits to the Boston College Eagles

Egan picked up on this one. Boston College football got two commits recently: Noa Merritt and Tre Tarpley. Steve Addazio’s first full recruiting class is filling up in a big way, and the defensive backfield is getting some reinforcements. Merritt is a defensive tackle from New Jersey while Tarpley is a safety from Pennsylvania.

Football: Lezzer Sticking With Boston College

Some have been worried about Christian Lezzer and whether or not the Pennsylvania linebacker would stay on course for the Heights, but he reaffirmed this weekend that he will. He just spurned an offer from Rutgers (good choice).