Boston College #NSD: The Once and Future Quarterbacks

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Nov 2, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston College Eagles quarterback Chase Rettig (11) takes a snap against the Virginia Tech Hokies during the first quarter at Alumni Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ed Wolfstein-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Bordner-rising Senior

Bordner was projected by an unnamed Jersey Guy to replace Chase Rettig mid-season. Of course that never happened. Despite already having been in the program for four years by next fall, if he even decides to stay for another year, he is not really in play for a starting job as he hasn’t shown much in the minimal times he has had to play.

His rare appearances are characterized by a sort of Wildcat which usually ends up with the QB running the ball for maybe two or three yards at most. In summary, his appearances didn’t really help out. It was like Tim Tebow without the blatant Christianity and team distraction.

Happy Trails

Chase Rettig

Oh how you were tossed around like a dog between 5 offensive coordinators and two head coaches. You were thrown into the fray as a freshman and had to take Richard Sherman’s motto of “stop b*tching and f@#king adapt”. In the edited words of Bruce Springsteen, sure you weren’t a beauty but you were alright. We thank you for your valiant service on the Heights.

Mackay Lowrie

Two star prospect from Roxbury Latin who committed to the 2013 class in May 2012. Mackay must feel like he has a chance to be a starter at another school so instead of sticking it out at his local FBS school he has decided to transfer. To where? We don’t know that yet, but we wish Mackay best wishes on his future endeavors. We are sorry it didn’t work out for you on the Heights.

My Super Early Unnecessary Prediction:

Obviously Tyler Murphy will take over the position in 2014 and have a solid year and help build the confidence of receivers like Spiffy Evans and Isaac Yiadom. After that it will be a battle between Darius Wade and Troy Flutie for the starting job in 2015 that Darius will win at the beginning of 2015. But if Wade begins to falter expect fan outcry to precipitate a quick hook and the insertion of Troy Flutie. This is just speculative at this point. Sorry James Walsh for not including you. Don’t hold it against me.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the running backs. Stay tuned.