Boston College Basketball: The Disaster, Visualized


Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Recapping a point made following yesterday’s Boston College basketball loss to North Carolina, there has been no progress made by this team.

In fact, not only has there been no progress made, it’s entirely reasonable to say that things have gotten much worse over the years. If we are collectively lucky and the deity of your choice smiles upon us, Steve Donahue will not be this program’s coach by this time next year, and frankly, there is not one compelling reason why he should retain his job beyond the season’s final game.

If you need to know why, take a look at this:

This is not a small sample size: it’s two and a half seasons. 82 games of no progress. 82 games of lowered expectations. 82 games of (mostly) losing.

The record speaks for itself. Boston College has not won under Donahue, and it will very shortly require a change.