National Signing Day is Coming! Boston College Matters!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for most college football bloggers because National Signing Day is just around the corner. Of course for Boston College in the past few years, it has not been the most pleasant times. Boston College had a worse ratio of offers to commits than my Tinder swipes to the right to actual matches. It was depressing. Last year recruits were lost to Temple University. Two years ago, a recruit declined to play football at Boston College but instead ran track at Northeastern. Oy vey indeed.

However the times have finally changed at Alumni Stadium with a coach in Steve Addazio willing, and able, to go all in on getting higher quality recruits and attempting to make Boston College a household name among high school coaches across the country. Defensive coordinator Don Brown came up with the catchy mantra of #BeADude and put up the accompanying Vines of the coaching staff saying “Be A Dude!”. Trust me, they were kind of creepy. One featured Steve Addazio next to life-size photos of Matt Ryan and BJ Raji with the dialog “Dude on my left, dude on my right. Two dudes.” I cannot be completely positive those words are 100% accurate because I am too scared to watch them again.But still there was a feeling of excitement.

The 2014 Boston College Recruiting Class started with the commitment of running back Marcus Outlow out Connecticut. Coach Steve Addazio, when hired, promised to build a recruiting “fence” around New England so that the local prospects couldn’t be poached any longer. Along with the commitments of Thadd Smith, Connor Strachan and Jon Baker among others, Addazio is following through on his statement. And how can we forget the pickups of Jonathan Hilliman or Harold Landry along with getting the Florida duo of Tyler Murphy and Ian Silberman to transfer up north!!

National Signing Day is on February 5th and I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t excited. Keep following Soaring to Glory for daily updates up to and after National Signing Day for recruiting updates.