Happy 2014 from Soaring to Glory


Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

The picture above was chosen because, if the current Boston College hockey trend holds, we’ll be seeing an image much like this in April. Also, it’s a good thing that we have hockey to distract us from the bovine stench emanating from the other Eagles men’s team right now.

By the way, that team is playing at 4:00 today, and for reasons beyond our own comprehension, we’ll be watching.

Three years ago today, Soaring to Glory packed up and moved to the FanSided network. Now, it’s already 2014. Next year, it’ll be 2015 and Back to the Future said we’d all have flying cars and hoverboards by then.

We would like to wish all of our readers a great year. Like all years, may it be a year of unprecedented excellence for the maroon and gold and for our university.