It’s Best for College Football If Andre Williams Wins The Heisman

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7.) Williams has brought relevance.

In the beginning of the year, BC was predicted to finish last in the ACC. Fast forwarded to the end and they finished fourth in their division with a 4-4 record in the ACC. Also, they were the only team in the ACC to give Florida State and Clemson a run for their money.

At the start of the season, it was all quarterbacks as favorites to win the Heisman. Mid-season, Winston became the front-runner. End of the season, Williams has broke into the scene.

A majority of the turnaround for BC is because of Williams and with it came relevance to what BC has done this season as opposed to last year and relevance to other players that aren’t your typical Heisman front-runner.

It would be obvious to award Winston, or McCarron, or Manziel again, but the fact that Williams burst into the scene from out of nowhere has brought back what BC fans have been waiting for and has affirmed what college football fans are sick of.

You can say how he had a weak performance against Syracuse all you want and you can give all the banter about how he isn’t a star player, or is involved in a star-studded football program, or because he isn’t a quarterback, but you can’t relegate everything he has done this season to not be deserving of the Heisman anymore.

Williams deserves to win the Heisman Trophy.