Boston College Football: Possible 2013 Bowl Destinations

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Texas Bowl

Reliant Stadium | Houston, Texas

The Trip from Boston: Moderate
Houston is a big city and non-stop flights from Logan do exist at reasonable rates (<$300 round trip). Driving would be much more difficult, as it's 1,800 miles and 27 hours from the Heights. Make a vacation of it and stop in New Orleans on the way, I suppose. The Climate: Mild
High temperatures at this time of year are usually in the 50s somewhere to near 60. Snowfall is an extreme rarity, and according to climate data it happens about once every three years or so. Ice storms are not completely out of the question, though.

The Area and Experience: Potentially Good
Houston is reportedly a decent city to visit and there are lots in the way of museums and local attractions. It’s a big (and growing) metro area, so one would think there have to be.

The Game: Fair to Good
The Eagles would likely draw a major-conference opponent here. If you’re lucky you might find a seat for $28 but otherwise the cheapest ones are about $37.