Florida State at Boston College: Bottom Line and Pick


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The college football prophets and pundits have signaled doom for the Boston College Eagles against the #8 Florida State Seminoles on Saturday. After all, the Eagles are better than three-touchdown underdogs to one of the nation’s best teams, and recent history has not been kind to the maroon and gold.

We all knew this was going to be a tough one, but just how tough?

How Boston College Will Win

The Eagles are probably only winning this game if they play the game of their lives and Florida State massively underperforms. One might see Washington State/USC as an example, but the Cougars did not play that well in that game, so it doesn’t particularly fit. Still, the idea is that Florida State will have to play an unbelievably bad game offensively. Boston College would need to put forth their best effort in a long time in addition to the Seminoles soiling themselves for all sixty minutes.

How Florida State Will Win

Simply put, Florida State will win this bout if they play a half-way decent game and don’t make any major mistakes.

Florida State at Boston College: Bottom Line

The deck is stacked against the Eagles here. Someday, hopefully soon, this team may be able to go toe-to-toe with the nation’s best teams again and protect their house in the biggest games. That day is not yet here, and it’s very difficult to buy Florida State playing a repulsively awful game in Chestnut Hill when in recent years they have owned this team. Objectively, the Eagles are at a disadvantage on both sides of the football and it’s going to take something very special happening on Saturday for the home team to win.

What I expect to happen is somewhat similar to the USC game on September 14. The defense hangs around for a little while and makes a few plays, and then eventually gets overwhelmed. Despite perhaps a few decent individual performances on offense, I don’t see the Eagles posting many points.

Florida State at Boston College: Pick

• Score Estimate: Florida State 41, Boston College 14
• Florida State -21.5
• OVER 52