Florida State at Boston College: 5 Big Questions With Chop Chat

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3. The Seminole defense lost some talent to the NFL this year, but it seems fine to me. How would you grade the FSU defense so far in 2013, and what will be some key strengths and weaknesses against the Eagles?

JJ: I’d give this defense a solid B- so far. You’re right, there was a lot of talent lost and there’s also a lot of young guys trying to fill those holes. Literally hours before the Pitt game, Fisher decided that he was going to start true freshman CB Jalen Ramsey over the reigning ACC Rookie of the Year, Ronald Darby. So, I’m not even sure the coaching staff themselves are completely sure which direction they’re headed with this defense just yet.

As far as against BC though, they need to be able to stop the run better. I’ve always been a fan of Andre Williams as a running back, and I believe that he can give our front seven some issues throughout the game. Our strength against BC, in my opinion, should be defending the pass. What I like most about our secondary is the depth. There’s constantly personnel rotating in and out with fresh legs, and they’re all about equally as talented.