Florida State at Boston College: BC Defense vs. FSU Offense

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Florida State’s offense is putting up video game numbers when it comes to yardage and points per game, and they’re not even the most prolific unit in the country.

Boston College’s defense, on the other hand, has been respectable in some areas (relative to the rest of FBS, not necessarily within their own conference) but there are major areas of concern in others.

Jameis Winston has one of the best passer ratings in the nation so far and he’s done a great job managing the Seminoles offense. Though only a freshman, his skill level has already put him amongst the better quarterbacks in the ACC. They can pass it and run it with little difficulty, and the Eagles defense is going to be tested even more toughly than it was in Los Angeles on the 14th.

Each game exists in a vacuum, but there is at least one similarity to USC that we can find in Florida State. That is that the Seminoles and Trojans both have the depth of talent, including a 5-star quarterback and an experienced offensive line. To make matters potentially more scary for Boston College, head coach Jimbo Fisher has felt his offense is not going as fast as it can.

Given how unlikely it is that the Eagles will have a big offensive performance themselves, especially against a talented Florida State defense, it’s going to be up to the defense to keep the Eagles in the game as long as they can. The Eagles have been somewhat opportunistic in generating turnovers and getting to the quarterback, but they will need to find another level if they plan even to slow Winston and the Seminoles down.


This could end up being a lot like the USC game: the Eagles defense makes its share of plays here and there and at least manages to keep the game within sight distance for a little while, and then gets worn down and eventually picked apart by Florida State’s explosive offense. Now, USC’s offense isn’t explosive, but this one is, and Boston College has to be as ready as they can.

The problem is that as much as the Eagles will try to do their best, this is a bad matchup. On paper, this defense is completely outmanned and we all know it. One might expect a valiant effort, but that can only take you so far when there is a large talent disparity. Florida State favored.