5 Games to Watch in the Absence of Boston College Football


Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Weekends of college football are precious. Like the majestic New England colors of the fall, they flourish and then quickly fade. Boston College has two weekends this season in which they will not be playing a game, but clearly, we cannot let a single one go to waste. Nay, we must watch college football.

Here are five games I might suggest to the average college football fan, with perhaps a slight hint of Boston College self-interest:

Michigan State @ Notre Dame

Seeing the Domers lose would be delicious, but even though I don’t expect it to happen, this should be an intriguing game. Sparty’s defense is usually the real deal, and crappy teams in the first three weeks are averaging 12 points per game on offense. This is Michigan State’s first real test, and this matchup has yielded exciting results before. Who knows, maybe it will again.

Bethune-Cookman @ Florida State

You need only watch a short portion of this one, unless for some strange reason the outcome is in doubt by the start of the second quarter. As you know, Florida State is our next opponent and they will probably blast this particular B-C into next week.

Arizona State @ Stanford

This looks like a good one, as Stanford is good but wasn’t great against Army, while Arizona State (officiating notwithstanding) looks like a solid football team. Oh, and it’s not on the Pac-12 Network, imagine that?

Either Auburn @ LSU or Tennessee @ Florida

These are probably the best SEC games of the weekend, which isn’t saying much because most of them are going to be non-conference bloodbaths. One will probably be lopsided but with points, and the other will probably be low-scoring. Your call.

Utah @ BYU

A little in-state rivalry never hurt anyone, especially when it’s the (other) Holy War. This should be a decent football game between a couple of winning teams. The over looks good to me, so expect points here, too.