Boston College Eagles Defeat Wake Forest Demon Deacons 24-10


Sep 6, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Wake Forest Demon Deacons quarterback Tanner Price (10) is tackled by Boston College Eagles defensive end Kasim Edebali (91) and defensive lineman Kaleb Ramsey (96) during the second half at Alumni Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Is this team actually good?

Then again with a victory aginst the Wake Forest Demon Deacons we saw a ton of good things coming from the Boston College Eagles squad. But before we get into the good things let’s do the compulsory game review.

Game started with Wake Forest receiving the ball. Running back Josh Harris then fumbled the ball and Boston College had it at Wake Forest’s 27 yard line for their first drive. And after a short Andre Williams run, Chase Rettig promptly put it into the hands of Alex Amidon who ran it along the sidelines 26 yards for a touchdown.

After a failed drives by both sides, the Demon Deacons struck back with a touchdown to Michael Campanaro(who still scares me in my dreams from his spectacular 2011 games against the Eagles).

The Eagles responded, aided by a 51 yard Amidon reception with a 33 yard field goal to take the lead 10-7.

Then all of Wake Forest’s problems started spurting up again. First of all, they were working the option with the effectiveness of my opening lines on Tinder. And second,  they couldn’t hold onto the football FOR THEIR LIVES. Tanner Price fumbled and Bruce Jones(who is quickly turning into one of my favorite players on defense as he also got an interception) FELL on the ball correctly and recovered it.

Immediately, after the first quarter ended, Chase Rettig sent a touchdown into the hands on his main man Alex Amidon once again for a 22 yard score.

The rest of the second quarter was drudgingly boring until Wake Forest blocked a Nate Freese punt with under 1 minute to go and had the ball at the Boston College 3 yard line. After an initial 2 yard gain by Josh D. Harris, those Demon Deacons were stuffed THREE straight times(including fourth down) on that one yard line. I was befuddled about how many mistakes Wake Forest could make in a single game.

Anyways Boston College got another touchdown on an Andre Williams 2 yard slammer.

Speaker of Andre Williams, he had one extraordinary game! 204 yards on 35 carries and a TD. 5.8 yards per carry. Add that to the 114 yards on 23 carries and you have to ask yourself: what could’ve been if he had the right coach and had been healthy last year?

And since he wasn’t voted player of the game on the video boards at Alumni Stadium, Soaring to Glory will give him the inaugural Bill Romanowski Player of the Game honors. Congrats Andre!

Now onto our next rival: the University of Southern California. This is definitely going to be a tough one as the Boston College Eagles players will have to brave the smog that has become Los Angeles. I wonder when they are going to have to start wearing masks to even live there. Anyways, I’ve already tweeted Pope Francis on multiple occasions to pray to his Boss for us, so hopefully we’ll get something out of that. I’d even go back to confession if the Big Man can pull through and let the good guys win.

Until then, I’m back off to Bellevue.