Wake Forest at Boston College: BC Defense vs. WF Offense

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Boston College Defense vs. Wake Forest Offense: Unit Breakdown

WF passing offense vs. BC secondary. The Eagles have definitely left the cushion far behind and are getting more aggressive thanks to Don Brown. Here and there, the secondary gave up big plays last time and some guys were out of position, but they also came up with three interceptions. Wake Forest has its star wide receiver in Michael Campanaro, who caught 16 passes (3 TD) in last season’s meeting. He missed last week’s game but will be back for this one. Wake’s Jonathan Williams was the go-to receiver last week, coming up with 143 yards on just five catches. Wake Forest could get away with throwing bombs against Presbyterian, and they will test this BC secondary like they did last year. The jury is still out about this BC unit as they have not faced competition on their own level yet.

WF rushing offense vs. BC rushing defense. Wake Forest moved the ball fairly effectively last week against Presbyterian, as one might have expected, to the tune of 189 total yards. Boston College struggled badly with the run game last year and were near the bottom of FBS in allowing yards on the ground, and that manifested itself again to some extent against Villanova. The Deacs aren’t a run-first team like the Wildcats, however, though they have pledged to run a lot more this year than they did last year. Boston College has to be prepared for a balanced attack. Edebali and Kevin Pierre-Louis will be key to helping to shut down the run and blow up some plays in the backfield.

WF offensive line vs. BC defensive line. Boston College’s defensive line was somewhat unnoticeable last week aside from Kasim Edebali, who stepped up and had a very good game. Considering how things were last year, quiet and ordinary sounds like improvement. Wake Forest’s offensive line is about as heavy pound-for-pound as Villanova’s offensive line, though body mass is not necessarily a determinative factor in which line will look better. They gave up a sack on Tanner Price against Presbyterian, which in itself is not much cause for concern.

Boston College Defense vs. Wake Forest Offense: Evaluation

The Eagle defense last season was a shell of its former self, bending and then breaking anyway time and time again. Last week, there are a few glimpses of a more aggressive scheme, and it is one that Boston College will need to fine tune quickly as the opponents will only get tougher from here. Boston College’s defense held its own in Week 1, while Wake Forest’s offense did what it needed to do in their opening game. Against one another, you have a Demon Deacon offense that is trying to figure itself out and become more balanced while there’s an Eagles defense that is also transitioning, but into something more aggressive. This does not appear to be a lopsided matchup by any means, and it would seem that both units will find their way to successes and failures on Friday. Toss-up