Villanova at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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1. Will Chase Rettig and company explode offensively like in Week 1 last year?

In Boston College’s first drive last year against a better team than Villanova, the Eagles marched the ball down the field in one of their most impressive drives all season. Given that this team is going to spread the ball out more and that Chase Rettig does have a favorite target in Alex Amidon there, and also that featured back Andre Williams is at 100%, this team can do some damage.

You are always going to take the first-string offensive talent on an ACC team against the first-string defensive talent on an FCS team, seven days a week and twice on football Saturdays. Besides, if they can’t put some great drives together against this team, then who? The Eagles are going to be itching to get out there and start erasing the pain from the last couple years and they’re going to want to make an example of this team.