Villanova at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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3. How much will BC truly be able to read into this game?

Here’s the one you always have to ask when playing an FCS team, no matter how good they are relative to their own level of competition. On our difficulty scale, we ranked this 12th of 12, meaning the easiest game on the schedule. If you’re a player on the team, you have to prepare for every opponent like it’s Alabama, especially when you’re coming off of a season like the last one. If you’re a fan, however, you can afford to get away with downplaying an opponent such as this.

Preseason #5 Villanova might be good for an FCS team, but they’re nowhere near good for an FBS team. The preseason #5 FBS team, Georgia, would slaughter them in a game. Neither side would read much into it.

In much the same way, Boston College can’t read too much into this game if they appear to play well. Of all twelve games on the schedule, this is the one they’re “supposed” to win the most, even having just lost ten games last year. If it’s lopsided, then that’s what it’s supposed to be, though everyone will be able to pick out a few things they liked or disliked about BC’s play.

On the other hand, if the game is close or (Heaven forfend) BC loses, there will be things to read from it. There are going to be things to take away from this game win or lose, but a loss would scream bad things. It could also just be that the team hasn’t learned their new system. We’ll know what to read from the game after it has happened, but if it goes the way it’s supposed to go, then chances are you won’t get much out of it.