Villanova at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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Entering a new season with new coaches, one would be very correct to question everything. What might happen this year? Who can step up in these new systems? Will the team improve from last year to this one?

For those questions, you can wait until October or November. You’re going to have to settle for these five big questions about this week’s opener.

5. Will I be well-fed at the tailgates on Shea?

Tailgates are a magical time of maroon-and-gold camaraderie and cornhole playing, but they also involve mass quantities of edible biomatter. I will be at Alumni Stadium’s outer reaches at approximately 9am on Saturday morning, and chances are I will be hungry.

Nobody has to feed me, since I’m not a freeloading scoundrel, but I will be making the rounds and it would be nice if you said hello. Of course, I won’t turn down a bite to eat, either.