Boston College Football Countdown: 28 Days to Go


Exactly four weeks from today, the Boston College Eagles football season begins. How does that sound?

Who Wears 28 Now

Matt Milano, safety, freshman

Milano is a true freshman newcomer to the Eagles this season out of Orlando. He comes all the way up the east coast with some hardware: during his senior year at Dr. Phillips High School, he was named Central Florida Defensive Player of the Year. Knowing the relative stature of high school football in Florida, that would seem to be quite an accomplishment. The season which also made him an all-state player saw 100 tackles and three sacks.

A redshirt could be in his future, though there has not yet been any word.

Notables Who Wore 28

Rolandan Finch, RB, 2009-12. Gone from BC but not forgotten.
Charlie Brennan, WS, 1989-92. Married into the notable Mara family.
Vincent Munn, CB, 1984-87. Passed away in 2010, sadly.
Jonathan Ordway, DB, 1998-2000. Went on to Arena Football and CFL; still playing.

4th and Meh

Boston College converted on fourth downs 28% of the time last season.

Vertical Passing

Bobby Swigert’s longest reception of the 2012 season was a 28-yard catch against Wake Forest, a game in which, coincidentally, the Eagles allowed 28 points.

Wrong-Way Passing

The longest interception return last season came from Manny Asprilla, going 28 yards after his picks against Maine in September.

From The Records Department

Kelvin Martin, star player from the 1980s, is the all-time Boston College leader in touchdown catches with 28.


Mike Esposito, Boston College running back during the early 1970s, only appeared in 28 games, but he made them count: he got 526 carries for 2,759 yards and 24 touchdowns, ranking him amongst the best BC rushers of all-time.

Efficiency, For The Other Team

Frank Harris, playing in the late 1960s, also only appeared in 28 games, but he still threw an astounding 45 interceptions.

Remember Him?

Paul Peterson threw 28 touchdowns during his Boston College playing career.