Boston College Football Countdown: 39 Days to Go


Rejoice, Eagles fans, for there are only 39 days to go until kickoff of the 2013 Boston College Eagles football season.

Who Wears 39 Now

Atem Ntantang, cornerback, freshman

Hey, look at that: the freshmen have their numbers! (See bottom for other updates.) Ntantang is a defensive back from Purcellville, VA who played for Woodgrove High back home. While there as a senior, he took in all-state honors, amongst others, and made 82 tackles. He was also a running back during his high school years, and racked up 10 touchdowns and 900 yards as a junior. Ntantang was his high school’s first-ever FBS recruit. He’s also got an active Twitter presence, so give him a follow.

Who Wore 39 Before Him

Mike Javorski, running back

Javorski was a walk-on running back who ended up getting playing time as well as a scholarship. His Boston College football career on the field got him a net gain of one yard, but that’s one more yard than I’ll ever have.

More Tackles

Sean Duggan totaled 39 tackles last season.

More Kicks

One of Nate Freese’s longer field goal kicks of last season was a made 39-yard field goal against Maine. He made another against Clemson several weeks later.

More Passes – For The Other Team

For Wake Forest last year, Tanner Price had 39 completions against the Eagles. That was the most an opposing quarterback had in all twelve games.

In The Zone

Boston College made 39 trips to the red zone last season, according to the school’s statistics. The NCAA says 41 times but, to quote a figure from BC’s past, “it doesn’t matter.”

The Other Frank

In 1939, Frank Leahy was hired by Boston College as its head coach. He stayed for two years before all but kicking and screaming his way out of his contract to return to Middle of Nowhere, IN, but in 1940, he did lead the Eagles to a Sugar Bowl championship.

Snow Bowl

In the disgusting weather of the “snow bowl” game against Maryland in October 2011, Rolandan Finch had 39 rush attempts for 243 yards.

Other New Guy Numbers

We’ve run through over sixty days of this countdown without knowing the other freshmen and their numbers, not to mention the transfers. Instead of updating articles that nobody will ever read again, here are the newcomers whose numbers are between 40 and 99:

• John Johnson (fr), CB, #43
• Joel Rich (fr), TE, #46
• Marquis Little (fr), LB, #54
• Jack Cottrell (fr), LB, #57
• Matt Patchan (sr), OL, #77
• Tevin Montgomery (fr), DT, #78
• Louie Addazio (so), TE, #81
• Kevin Kavalec (fr), DE, #93
• Truman Gutapfel (fr), DT, #97