Boston College Football Countdown: 57 Days to Go


If you have work today, accept my sincerest sympathies and console yourself with the knowledge that Boston College football starts again in 57 days.

Who Wears 57 Now

Michael Gaffney, LB, redshirt freshman

Gaffney is a local (Wakefield) who is already a double Eagle of sorts, having played for BC High. He combined for 200 tackles in his final two seasons before joining our Eagles team. He has yet to appear in a game.

He also happens to wear the same number his father did when he played for the Eagles in the 1980s.

Notables Who Wore 57

Pete Cronan, LB, 1973-76. 1976 team captain; Eagle radio broadcaster for life.
Nick Larkin, DE, 2004-07. 2007 team captain; remembered also for community service.
Sean Flaherty, LS, 2009-12. Most recent wearer of the number.
John Stolberg, NG, 1989-92. New England all-star.

Hello, Alumni Stadium

Boston College formally announced its plans to build Alumni Stadium on January 23, 1957, and it was opened on September 26. The bad news is that BC got creamed 46-6 in the first game against Navy.

Aside From That…

The ’57 season was pretty good. Boston College went 7-2 overall.

Hello, Bill Flynn

’57 was Bill Flynn’s first year as Boston College athletic director. He would hold the post until 1990.

Airing It Out

Matt Ryan, Shawn Halloran, and Frank Harris all hold the program record for pass attempts in a single game with 57. That’s also the number of pass attempts Tanner Price had against BC when Wake Forest met the Eagles in 2012.

More Quarterback Stats

Shawn Halloran, Paul Peterson, and Mark Kamphaus all finished their BC football careers with 57% completion percentages.

It’s Good

Brian Lowe holds the BC career record with 57 made field goals; Nate Freese will most likely break it in 2013.

A Tired Leg

57 is the number of times Gerald Levano punted the football in 2012. It also happens to be the distance Chase Rettig — yes, Chase Rettig — kicked his longest punt.

(Not Good) Random Fact

57 is how many offensive plays BC ran against Army in 2012. Because I know you were wondering, Army ran 92.