Welcome to the ACC, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame


Today, the Atlantic Coast Conference, which Boston College has called its athletic home since 2005, officially grows northward again from 12 members to 15.

In light of this event, we should welcome the Syracuse Orange, Pittsburgh Panthers, and yes, even the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to the fold, despite being a non-football member.

We might not all like each other when it comes down to things on the field — hell, sometimes off the field — but it’s kind of like an awkward Thanksgiving dinner at Uncle Bob’s house: you may still hold a grudge against something your cousin did in 2004 (like that season finale at Alumni Stadium) or how another one ruined your dreams in 1993 (we’re still not sorry, by the way), but at the end of the day, you’re all related and you have to try to get along.

Maybe you can’t in the spirit of rivalry, but that just makes it all the more fun.

There are doubtlessly some exciting games ahead, and just think about how much better BC basketball’s strength of schedule will continue to improve. Sounds good to me.