Boston College Football Countdown: 69 Days to Go


Get your minds out of the gutter, people, because there are just 69 days remaining until Boston College football season kicks off. I’m sure plenty of fans are getting excited just at the thought — hey, what did I say about getting your minds out of the gutter?

Who Wears 69 Now

Paul Gaughan, C, sophomore

Gaughan was a highly-touted recruit from Pennsylvania who came to Boston College in 2011. After redshirting that year, he made his way into six games during the course of the 2012 season. Gaughan made brief appearances in the last four games of the year as a redshirt freshman. By year’s end, he had made the two-deep as the backup center behind Andy Gallik. The aforementioned starter’s position may or may not be secure heading into this season, which could mean an increase in playing time for Gaughan.

Notables Who Wore 69

Mark Spinney, OL, 2009-11. Went from scout team to starter.
Dave Widell, OT, 1985-87. Spent 11 seasons in the NFL.
Frank Wilpert, OT, 2000-02. Mostly a backup, but hey, only a few guys ever wore #69.
Ziggy Szczawinski, G, 1977. No idea who he is, but he wins name of the day.

Random Fact

Last season, fullback Jake Sinkovec had 69 receiving yards.

Random Fact #2

On September 8, Boston College held Maine to 69 rushing yards — the fewest they allowed in any game last season.

The Summer of ’69

Has nothing to do with Boston College football, but it’s catchy.