What we really want to see on BC Confessions


 Contributions from Joe Bushee.

If you’re not currently enrolled at Boston College you might not know about this new fad that has truly been taking over the campus’s cyberspace attention. It’s a forum to leak your sexual adventures, interests, loneliness, or the awful things you’ve done to people anonymously contains some awful, awful things that you really have to filter through what’s true and what’s a pile of bologna. And since it’s anonymous, people are letting it loose.

But unfortunately, the “quality” of the confessions has gone down since the page first came out moving from epic mod stories to arguments about gay marriage and BCSSH, but there are still some gems. So since this is a blog about BC Athletics we’d like to request some confessions from some of the Eagles we cheer on throughout the year from each sport.


What was the exact length of the defensive cushion?

What happened in the locker room at halftime of the UCF stinker in 2011?

Details of a Spaz motivational speech.

How much eye black tubes did Mark Herzlich need?

How much does Coach Addazio lift? I’ve seen him work out.

How many Eagles used to be Notre Dame fans? It’s okay….

Has Bill Romanowski come back and try to relive the BC weekend with you? Bet you’d want his side in a bar fight.


Why did Matt Humphrey attempt so many three pointers?

Why does Donahue even bring a sport jacket to games?

How high can Eddie Odio really jump?

What are Olivier Hanlan’s thoughts on Bryan Adams or is he an Alanis Morissette guy? Please don’t tell me he’s a Drake fan!!

Does Andrew Van Nest have any good Jeremy Lin stories?? PLEASE!!!!

True feelings on that Troy Bell song played at home games.

Ice Hockey:

How fast is Jerry York on skates?

What happened after you won the championship in Tampa? Did you try recreate the BU experience?

Do any of you have “Party like a Puck Star” on your iPods? No shame…

Weirdest place the Beanpot Trophy has been since February.

Best Chris Kreider tale.

Those are the nagging questions that haunt me every night about the major Boston College sports that I wish I could see the answers when I go to the Boston College Confessions page on Facebook. If you have any comments, additional questions, or even some funny “fake” confessions through them all down in the comments section! I’ll update the post to include the best ones.

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