Boston College In the 2013 NFL Draft: Late-March Update


James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

With pro days ongoing and several more Boston College Eagles football players looking to end up in the National Football League, now is the time for these young men to shine. The 2013 NFL Draft is only a month away — a month minus two days, to be precise — and if any of these seniors plan to move up the draft boards, this is the time.

Amongst those players who has been getting good publicity lately is Ifeanyi Momah, the former Eagle who was ineligible to play in 2012 but is performing at pro days as a free agent (as in, not eligible for the draft, either). Momah, a former wide receiver who has played on both sides of the ball, has clocked solid 40-yard dash times and “impressed scouts with speed and agility for his size.”

That undrafted free agent route might still be the route that the draftable Boston College seniors have to go after April 27. As of last check, barely any Eagles made it into the full mock drafts at all, and right now, even after a few good pro day performances, that mostly remains the same, with a few exceptions.

Emmett Cleary, OL

DraftTek: Round 6, 194 overall (Seattle Seahawks)

John Wetzel, OL

Draftsite: Round 7, 252 overall (San Francisco 49ers)

Nick Clancy, Colin Larmond, Jr., Chris Pantale

Of the major full mock drafts, only the two noted above took any Eagles at all, and the best showing for either Cleary or Wetzel was late in the sixth round. As for Wetzel, pick #252 happens to be in the compensatory selections and was third to last. As one might note from past NFL Drafts, being a BC player in that position is no guarantee at all of being picked.

The last time a Boston College Eagle was not drafted was 2005, and with only a month to go, there is a real chance it might happen again.