BC-UMass-Lowell, Jerry York Night Canned By Blizzard


Andrew B. Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College’s hockey game with the UMass-Lowell River Hawks has been postponed until Tuesday, February 26. Unfortunately, this marks the second time that Jerry York Night has been postponed, and now BC isn’t even going to reschedule this year: it will happen early in the 2013-14 season, ostensibly when there are no blizzards or detached retinas with which to contend.

They’re not alone, as Hockey East has seen conference-wide cancellations due to the weather; the next live conference game has Vermont hosting Maine on Saturday night in Burlington, far away from the action.

This is going to be a serious storm in the Boston area and elsewhere around central and southern New England, so please take it seriously. Nevertheless, media coverage of these events always reminds me of certain MadTV sketches.