Boston College Football Recruiting: What We Learned on 2013 Signing Day


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With 2013 Boston College football recruiting over, the coaching staff of Steve Addazio has totally turned its attention to 2014. As for Soaring to Glory, well, it may be a while before we invest much time or bandwidth on that new adventure, but there is still much to discuss from this year’s class. All told, BC hauled in 17 new players, 15 of whom are high school students/incoming freshmen.

This all begs the question: What have we, the Boston College fans, learned from this signing day in 2013?

“Expect the unexpected” only applies to BC on the field. There were essentially no surprises for Boston College football on Wednesday, and few people thought there would be any. Some would say that Florida offensive lineman Matt Patchan transferring to BC was somewhat of a surprise because he had other high-end suitors, but Boston College seemed like a leading candidate for his services, anyway. Aside from that, Addazio got everyone else he expected to get when he woke up this morning, with maybe an exception being made for Robert Davis, who instead went to Memphis. That doesn’t mean we didn’t lose guys before yesterday, though.

Recruiting agencies don’t think highly of us, and perhaps neither does the coach. Addazio stated that he takes full responsibility for the quality of recruiting in this program and that he’s looking to build top ACC recruiting classes. The tone of his press conference statements put together would seem to acknowledge that he realizes this transition class was not where it should have been, though he is rightfully high on the character of the kids joining the program. Addazio came to BC only two months ago and most of the kids who signed yesterday verballed to Frank Spaziani. No matter what you think of the class in terms of “stars” (which don’t mean much), it’s in many ways unfair to pin this class on Addazio, whether they succeed or don’t. Next year’s class will be a different story.

Our recruiting footprint is basically within a “four-hour radius” of Boston. In case you were wondering what that literally looks like, here it is:

Addazio is a “big believer” in tight ends and there will be more of them in the years to come. Figures that his son is one.