Ex-BC Linebacker Luke Kuechly Wins NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year



And from the “We’re Not Surprised” Department, a former Boston College student makes good in his new career.

That young man is Luke Kuechly, the top ten draft pick out of the BC football team in 2012 who was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Kuechly led FBS in tackles in his junior year at Boston College in 2011, and then took the mighty leap to lead the NFL in tackles in 2012. He was a bright spot on a defense that finished tenth in yards allowed per game and had a somewhat respectable run defense.

Kuechly’s habit of being a heat-seeking missile on defense at Boston College carried over to the Carolina Panthers, for whom he now does great things on that side of the football. Take it from BC fans who watched him personally mask a wide array of deficiencies on our own defense (that unfortunately become apparent in 2012 after he left), covering large distances with outstanding speed for a linebacker and making the tackle. Kuechly gained a reputation as a “Superman” at BC, and perhaps this is the start of him achieving such a status in Carolina.

We had no doubt he would be able to make the adjustment to the National Football League because we saw him blossom into a tremendous player. At BC, because of the general state of the program, Kuechly did not get all of the recognition he deserved from the general football fanbase (many of whom complained that some kid they’ve never heard of on a terrible BC team was winning all those awards), but hopefully, they’re paying attention now.

Sincerest congratulations are in order from all of Kuechly’s friends and fans at BC. The Panthers drafted a fine player, and hopefully he will continue to make himself, his team, and his alma mater proud for years to come.