Viva Las Cruces: BC Football to Play at New Mexico State


John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

West Texas and New Mexico alums of Boston College, rejoice. Your moment has finally come.

On Saturday, Boston College revealed another piece to its 2013 schedule: on November 9, they will face New Mexico State. At New Mexico State.

The Eagles will head out west twice in the 2013 season, as they will play the USC Trojans in September and then head into the New Mexican desert to face the Aggies in November. Boston College will play only six home games once again.

This one is curious. One would think that New Mexico State, now coached by former Eagle offensive coordinator Doug Martin, does not have the sort of cache to tell Boston College where this game will be played. It is therefore possible that Brad Bates and others suggested that the team travel to Las Cruces. In either case, it is strikingly odd that BC would agree to it, because it’s more traveling for the team and expenses therein, amongst other things, and BC will only play six home games. It would otherwise be reasonable to believe that the Eagles would want more home games as the team attempts to rebuild.

Whatever the case may be, it seems almost assured that there will be a very light BC contingent in attendance, but for those planning on a road trip, you can go 80 through some parts of West Texas.