GET PUMPED! for BC Hockey vs. UMass


Apr 7, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Boston College Eagles goaltender Parker Milner (35) in action against the Ferris State Bulldogs during the first period of the finals of the 2012 Frozen Four at Tampa Bay Times Forum. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since starting to write for Soaring To Glory, which was around 36 hours ago, I thought it would be cool to start a pregame feature for major Boston College games that was a little bit out of the box, but could possibly stick on. So here it goes:

The Official Soaring to Glory Pregame Playlist for BC vs UMass (January 18th, 7PM, Conte Forum)

As a freshman and even this year, I’ve noticed that Boston College students really don’t know how to get their collective blood rushing for a big game. The bros hang out with their red solo cups (that song will not be included in the playlist, at least today), throw the iPod on to some awful, awkward rap music. Sure, the bros might be under the assumption that everyone wants to listen to that sort of music, since no one seems to object, but really the bros are just too scared to raise their hands and ask for a little teenage angst. The fear of offending the Lil Wayne is too large for some bros.

Yet, let there be no fear as I will compile a short 5 song playlist for tonight’s playlist that will at least give a much needed rest from Drake, Tupac and that wierdo who sings “Yonkers”.

1.Love Gun-Kiss

Despite the fact that this song is about Paul Stanley’s privates, you can ignore the lyrical content and get pumped up to a maximum level that a handle of cheap vodka couldn’t possibly get you to. Also, a listening of the song requires serious air-guitar action which gets anyone psyched up for Conte Forum.

2.The Impression That I Get-Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Boston College Athletics staple. I’m pretty sure the marching band even plays the classic from the Boston based group. Still have no clue what the song is really about. Something about knocking on wood and not knowing whether it works…

3.Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin

This song does not have the typical make-up of a pump up song. There are like flutes, slow guitars and meaningful lyrics in the beginning. However if you don’t love this song by the end, you should have your music-listening license revoked. Never have I seen a song get a group of college aged bros singing in chorus, even to the high notes. You feel more alive after hearing this song and can transfer that energy to Conte Forum.

4.rearviewmirror-Pearl Jam

You might recognize the grunge hit because it’s sometimes played at halftime of hockey games. This is a real head bobber with a powerful rhythm session and a very strong opening guitar strum from frontman Eddie Vedder. Maybe this should be the football team’s anthem for 2013 because there is definitely a lot that needs to be put in their rearview mirror.


There is only one word to describe this song:Awesome. Slowly progressing with undeniable drumming excellence from Lars Ulrich. And I don’t know if anyone else’s vocals could come close to James Hetfield in the song.

This is only a small list of songs to pumped up for Boston College’s imminent decimation of the Minuteman. If you want to suggest a song for the next edition of “Get Pumped!”, leave a comment down below. If you hate my musical taste, leave a comment below. We’ll debate.

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