Join Soaring to Glory, Why Don’t Ya?


For the better part of four years, Soaring to Glory has been a one-man operation. Much to the dismay of some, I have no plans of handing it over any time soon. I would, however, like to issue an open invitation to the general Boston College fan public to join the site as a staff writer.

I give this site plenty of time of day — perhaps more than a person should give under ordinary circumstances — but personal matters and other such events do sometimes make it impossible to fill the site with content 365 days a year (or 366 on leap years). There are benefits to you for joining the site as a member of the staff, which are outlined below in the FanSided network statement.

If you’re an interested, capable individual, contact me at soaring [at] joemicik [dot] com.

The FanSided Network — this site’s parent company and the fastest growing independent sports network on the Internet — is looking for knowledgeable writers who’d like to help cover the Boston College Eagles at Soaring to Glory. Serving as a FanSided staff writer is a great way to kick-start your sportswriting career.

Here are some of the benefits:

• FanSided’s shiny, custom look
• Technical support
• Writer education program
• A community of college sportswriter teammates
• Exclusive partnerships
• FanSided promotes from within
• SEO experience
• Having your content listed on 200+ sites, including and