Christmas Week: Boston College’s “Naughty List”


Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The other day, we figured out who was nice. Today, it’s who’s naughty. This will be a highly-predictable look into those who will be getting a lump of coal from Baldwin Claus this year. For those who would be concerned about such things, these lumps of coal are cleaner to burn and are therefore more environmentally friendly, so there’s that.

Frank Spaziani. Here’s a “No (expletive), Sherlock” moment for you. Steve Addazio now has the unenviable task of cleaning up the pieces of the Boston College football program because Spaz blew it up. A decade of being relatively respected as defensive coordinator was washed away by several very bad years, and he never should have been hired in the first place, but alas, here’s your coal, Frank.

Gene DeFilippo. It would be entirely unfair to saddle Spaz with coal while not giving a bigger hunk to our former athletic director. If it wasn’t for GDF, Spaz would have never had the chance to ruin the football program in the first place. He didn’t exactly leave the basketball program in great shape on his way out the door, either. Gene is another guy whose initial success was forgotten after several bad years at the close of his tenure.

Jack Parker. Because.

Tommy Amaker. Can’t you lose to BC once in a while?

The National Hockey League. I wanted to watch more of Chris Kreider on the big stage this year and this is what I get instead.

Jack Parker again. Why not; got plenty of coal to give away.