Top Ten Worst Boston College Eagles Games of 2012

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The sad truth is that if Soaring to Glory did a “Top Ten Boston College Wins of 2012” feature, most would be hockey games. It just has not been a sterling year for the program and the most notable things that have happened have been losses. They’ve come in all shapes and sizes, and in all sports.

There are no exact criteria for evaluating the ten worst games in Boston College sports in 2012 (and there’s still some 2012 to go, by the way, so this list could even change). These are the games that may have looked the worst on the scoreboard or simply felt the worst after it was over. All are games that Boston College lost or simply did not win. Without further delay, the top ten worst BC games of 2012.

10. October 20, football: Georgia Tech 37, Boston College 17

Georgia Tech had just fired Al Groh, their defensive coordinator, and had also recently gotten run out of their own stadium by Middle Tennessee State. So, what do they do to BC? Aside from beat the Eagles by 20 and outgain them almost two to one, not much. The Eagles only rushed for 32 yards in the entire game; Georgia Tech got a modest 391. The Yellow Jackets also controlled the clock for almost 44 minutes as BC was completely and utterly outmatched.

9. December 7, men’s hockey: Providence 3, Boston College 3 (OT)

It’s highly rare you’ll see the defending national champions on a list like this, but here they are. Boston College went to Providence to get Jerry York his 925th win, and they led the game with just seconds to go. They could not hold on and they did not get York’s win, thanks to sloppy late play. It would be more bothersome if we didn’t know they’re going to get it soon, anyway, but the disappointment was palpable after the game.

8. February 25, men’s basketball: Wake Forest 85, Boston College 56

It is generally believed right now — and probably true — that the two worst teams in ACC basketball at present are Wake Forest and Boston College. Last year, the Eagles played the Demon Deacons twice and lost both. This was the worse of the two. BC emptied their bench and still only squeezed seven points out of the lot of them. Losing to the Deacs so badly for the second time was a real downer.

7. January 5, women’s basketball: Virginia Tech 38, Boston College 35

Boston College women’s basketball played a game in January in which they only allowed 38 points — and they lost. It may be hard to believe, but the ladies were even worse last year than the men, winning only seven games the entire season. This obviously was not one of them. The Eagles had many more turnovers (22) than field goals made (13); BC’s leading scorer had eight points.

6. November 17, football: Virginia Tech 30, Boston College 23 (OT)

The old “one more knee for the road” game. Boston College had the ball and two timeouts with a chance to drive for the win, and former coach Frank Spaziani elected to play for overtime, which BC subsequently lost. The outcome of the game was not a total surprise, nor was Spaziani’s decision to play it safe, but that even summed up four years of incompetent mismanagement and, fittingly on senior day at Alumni Stadium, delivered a final insult to Eagles fans everywhere.