Christmas Week: Boston College’s “Nice List”


Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

He’s making a list and checking it twice, yada yada yada naughty or nice.

In the past year, Boston College athletics has had some folks who go on both sides of the list. Today, it’s a much happier time as we look at who goes on the “nice” list. If the elves’ workshop at the North Pole made anything more valuable than wooden toys, then I’m sure Santa would bring them nice gifts but those pointy-eared little hobgoblins have a limited skill set. It’s a minimum-wage job, too, so you get what you pay for.

Anyway, Boston College’s “nice list” includes some of the following names:

Jerry York. Do I really have to explain at this point? Aside from being a natural-born winner, he is amongst the finest ambassadors for Boston College the school has.

The men’s hockey team. Now, the fans would prostrate themselves in front of York, and they probably should, but the coach himself would give the credit to the players and assistants. We can’t in good conscience leave them off the list.

Chase Rettig. The poor kid took a literal beating this year and he kept playing hard. He’s not the only one on his team who did so, but none of them got sacked 36 friggin’ times this year (a 50% increase from 2011).

The women’s hockey team. Let’s not forget these ladies who themselves had a fine 2011-12 season and are red hot to close out the calendar year.

Alex Amidon. Breaking some BC football records will get you on the list.

Coed sailing. They’ve won how many championships now?