Reports: Day, Rogers to Return to Boston College Football Staff (Updated)


UPDATE: Wednesday evening: Day has been confirmed as returning, but the others have not as yet. There haven’t been any retractions that I know of from the Philadelphia media sources, and that doesn’t mean they’re not coming to BC, but Addazio did not make any specific reference. It wouldn’t be the first time we were wrong about something this week.

Apparently, you can go home again.

Eagle Action and Philadelphia-based news sources have reported that Ryan Day, former offensive coordinator at Temple and wide receiver coach at Boston College, will return to the Heights as offensive coordinator. Further reports suggest that former BC offensive coordinator Kevin Rogers will also return. It is expected that Addazio will name Chuck Heater, his defensive coordinator at Temple, to the same position at BC, as well as offensive line coach Justin Frye.

There are more staff positions to fill out, but first it must be said that this should not, and does not, come as a surprise. It was obvious Addazio would default to these folks and bring his staff with him to Boston College.