Boston College Football Search: Down to Two?


The Boston College football head coaching search has accelerated over the weekend and into Monday and Tuesday, with The Heights‘ Greg Joyce reporting that the search will be over within the next 48 hours. At that point, the team will be informed first, and then there will likely be a press engagement to follow in the days to come. One can expect leaks to happen before then.

Major media outlets and reporters, such as Brett McMurphy of ESPN, have verified that Bob Diaco was amongst the three finalists for the Boston College job. As of early Tuesday afternoon, many of those same sources began to report that Ball State coach Pete Lembo, believed to be in the final three, did not make the cut.

It is entirely conceivable that Bob Diaco, Notre Dame defensive coordinator, and Aaron Kromer, New Orleans Saints offensive line coach, are the finalists. All of the media buzz has surrounded Diaco, and at this point, it is probably better than a 50-50 chance he will get the job (if not far more).

There are other things to take into account, however, such as last-minute changes of heart or new candidates swooping in to save the day (like Al Golden, who I do not believe is ultimately going to take the leap). Diaco is not guaranteed to be the next Eagles’ football coach, but two things are clear: he is definitely interested and is definitely making the final cut. Comparing Diaco to Kromer, Diaco seems the far better fit for Boston College.

With the way things have accelerated, I expect this to be over very soon, quite possibly by tomorrow.