Boston College Coaching Search: Big Board



As the search for Boston College football’s next head coach continues, we are not the only school to be going through the same thing. A handful of major programs are also looking for their next coach, and some have overlapping candidate pools.

In order to keep track of who is interviewing, who is on the list at BC, and who is going in a different direction, this site will periodically update a draft-style “big board.”

Right now, the only candidate we know BC is interested in is Pete Carmichael, Jr., offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints. Brad Bates has doubtlessly put out feelers to many candidates already, but Carmichael’s name is the first to come up in the media. Unlike some other schools at this point, no official news has come out of Boston College about a candidate interview.

If a candidate in whom BC is potentially interested, like Penn State’s Bill O’Brien, removes himself from the running, their box will be colored in the appropriate color and we’ll know they’re off the list. Depending on how long it takes BC to make the hire, a few more of those guys may come off the board before Bates finds his man.