Quick Hits: Virginia Tech 30, Boston College 23 (OT)


On Saturday afternoon, the Virginia Tech Hokies defeated the Boston College Eagles, 30-23 in overtime. With the Senior Day loss, Boston College is now 2-9 with one game remaining in the abortive 2012 season, and has lost five straight to the Hokies. This abomination comes to an end next Saturday at NC State.

Since I did not see the game live, due to a passing in the family, I am not qualified to offer a recap. I have, however, seen bits and pieces and have gathered intelligence from those who did see it. This is a bullet-points article all the way; there will be no system or predetermined flow to it.

The random notes:

• Frank Spaziani is a terrible head football coach. He cowardly “coaches not to lose;” these depths of gutlessness are unforgivable in his current position. In a 23-23 game, he had the ball AND over a minute to go in regulation AND two timeouts, and played for overtime, where BC lost. The man can’t even take chances when we’re 2-8. Ordinarily, it’s sad when someone loses their job. I will be crying tears of joy when Spaziani is forcibly ejected from his in approximately one week’s time.

• Our seniors deserved better than to be saddled with Spaz for four years. Unfortunately, aside from those staying for a fifth year, they’ll never know what it can be like around here with a winning attitude. I’ve seen it; it’s fun. In 2009, just when Soaring to Glory was starting, I said on a social medium that I thought BC would never reach the ACC title game under Spaz. I might not have been out on a shaky limb, but I saw where this was going back then, and it was true.

• Seeing Alex Amidon with only two catches for 18 yards is shocking. I’m hoping Chase Rettig was not as bad as his stat line.

• Rolandan Finch had a nice day it would appear, with 138 yards.

• It’s only fitting that BC runs out the clock and gets smacked in overtime on a day when Montel Harris rushed for 7 touchdowns — against Army, a team BC couldn’t beat.

• BC finally got back over 20 points, but another game of less than 300 yards of offense. This group has gotten pretty stale since the Florida State game, which should probably answer any questions about Doug Martin weathering the upcoming coaching change. I’m not sure a single one of the assistants will.

• 3-for-16 on third down is another point in favor of this offense not being as good as it looked at the start of the season.