Virginia Tech at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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It seems like we only just began covering 2012 Boston College football games a short time ago, but we have already reached the last home game of the year, and the penultimate contest of the season. Time flies when nobody, much less the guys on the field, is having fun. Nevertheless, there is a home game against the Hokies, and this time, BC might actually win. Here are some of the biggest questions to ponder this week.

5. What’s wrong with the Hokies this year?

Virginia Tech has lost some talent between last season and this one on offense, but where they’ve really been hit is on defense. That particular unit for the Hokies is still statistically okay, but not where it was last season and has had some real nightmarish breakdowns. They gave up 48 points to North Carolina and recently lost to Miami by 18.

It’s unfair to pin it all on the defense, though. VT is turning the ball over a lot this season — 22 times through 10 games, to be exact — and they’re giving the other team plenty of opportunities in the “points off of turnovers” category.

One cliched way of putting it is that they’re “finding ways to lose,” which is something with which we can sympathize.