Notre Dame at Boston College: 5 Big Questions with Slap the Sign

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1. Prediction time: Do the Irish hit 10-0 or do the Eagles end their misery for a week with a massive upset?

STS: Boston College has a history of ending Notre Dame unbeaten streaks. Of course, these occurred in 1993 and 2002. BC and ND fans will never forget these games. I give a lot of credit to how Boston College always comes out and plays extremely hard against the Irish. One of the things that you can expect from Boston College is a hard fought physical game.

The difference between this year and the years of the two monumental upsets is how good the Eagles are. In those years, Boston College was a much more threatening team. This year, they appear to be very inept. Quarterback Chase Rettig is a tremendous talent. If there were more talent at the skill positions, I think this would be a different year for Boston College. Let’s also not forget about the defense. When I was reviewing this game, I expected Boston College to have better defensive statistics because they typically have a solid defense. However, this will be the worst defensive statistically that Notre Dame has faced all year.

On paper, this game should be a breeze for Notre Dame. Two things make me question that. One, Boston College always plays Notre Dame tougher than expected. On national television, will BC fail to show up for a game against the Irish? I highly doubt it. Therefore, Notre Dame can expect the best game that the Eagles have played all year. Two, Notre Dame sleepwalked through their game against Pitt. They cannot do that again. Therefore, I am cautious but confident in my selection. Notre Dame 31-BC 13.

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