Boston College at Wake Forest: 5 Big Questions

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The Boston College Eagles are coming off of a win. Not just in hockey, but in football as well, which is a welcome change. Could this week’s contest against Wake Forest yield another? It could, but there are some important questions we need to ask about the state of this team first, and about the opponent.

5. Is it fair to say that BC and Wake Forest’s football teams have a bunch in common?

These two teams are similar, no question about it. Though Wake is 4-4 and BC is 2-6, you’ve got two teams with offenses that have had their moments but have struggled, and defenses that have had games where they’ve gotten their tires blown off but can point to some games where it wasn’t all that bad.

Wake Forest can probably direct you to a couple more of those games than BC can defensively, who really only played alright against Maine and Maryland. The Deacs had a game or two more where they were adequate. In the end, it doesn’t really matter all that much, because neither unit is making waves in the ACC this year.

Offensively, the Deacs are statistically a little worse than BC, but both have struggled mightily in the running game and while both offenses have playmakers, neither team is explosive. There are certainly several big parallels one can draw between these two teams, though their paths through this season have been a little different.