Maryland at Boston College: 5 Big Questions with Terrapin Station

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1. Time for a softball (or maybe not): Who wins this game, Boston College or Maryland?

TS: I think the Terrapins win, but I do think it will be close than most people expect. Maryland has been bad on offense all season long, and Boston College’ biggest weakness (run defense) is the worst aspect of our offense. Could that change if the Terrapins employ the option attack? Absolutely. But with only a week to prepare for it, things could go horribly wrong. As with every game that Maryland plays this year, there will be no blowout. A few fumbles in our own territory and this game could quickly become the backdrop into a big landslide of consecutive losses for the Terrapins. Our team makes lots of mental errors on the offensive end, and this could be no different.

Trap game, but the Terrapins pull it out 24-17.

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