Boston College at Georgia Tech: 5 Big Questions

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This three-game road trip comes to an end in Atlanta on Saturday, but Boston College has so far suffered extreme brutality in the first two acts of this tragedy. The Eagles are looking to salvage something — anything — from this next away game at Georgia Tech. What are some of the important factors in this game? Glad you asked.

5. Boston College are two-touchdown underdogs to a 2-4 team. Is the line fair?

Actually, I think it is. Georgia Tech has been a big disappointment so far, and I think their fans would be just as willing to admit that with a 2-4 record. The problems for BC on this front are twofold: (1) the Eagles have been even worse and (2) Georgia Tech, despite the losing, has a very good offense. You could even throw in (3) BC just choked away a game at Army and lost a non-competitive contest to FSU by 44 points. It should have been the second time the Eagles allowed 50+ this year, but Clemson gave up at the 1-yard line late to avoid further embarrassing them.

The bookies don’t like this team at all right now, and I can’t say I blame them for their skepticism. It has been well over a decade since BC fans and observers have seen an Eagles defense this bad.