Boston College at Florida State: 5 Big Questions

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1. What are the realistic chances of an upset?

You never want to say never, as Michigan fans probably did before the Appalachian State game that helped usher in a new era of big upsets, but it’s looking slim. The Eagles do not match up well with the Seminoles, at least on paper.

NC State, in winning their game last weekend against FSU, went to 4-2. The Eagles are 1-4 with no FBS wins. In other words, FSU got beat by a pretty good team, and that’s not us. It’s unlikely that BC’s first will be against one of the highest-ranked teams on their schedule.

You also never say never because you don’t know if Florida State will sleepwalk through this game. Two years ago, many of us believed the Eagles would get smashed in Tallahassee, and they didn’t.

Still, if our best hope is FSU going on cruise control, that probably doesn’t speak well of BC’s chances.