Boston College at Army: 5 Big Questions

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Boston College’s football game at Army has the potential to be one of the least exciting, but it may hold some meaning, especially if BC still plans to accumulate six wins this season. It’s not an interesting matchup of conference foes, nor is it going to draw a great deal of national attention (the teams are a combined 1-7), but it’s a contest that the Eagles must have for a variety of reasons.

Our weekly FAQ segment for this game goes as follows:

5. The question everyone is asking (not really): Will Soaring to Glory’s editor and founder be present for this game?

Of course he will! West Point is only 45 minutes away from his home, so it would be pretty bad if not.

I once knew a cadet at the USMA who graduated in 1997, but as a kid, we used to get Black Knights football tickets through his parents. Being within an hour of the campus, it was always an easy trip. Army, not Boston College, was my first exposure to the Division I game. I’ve been to several Army-Navy games as well, which were always fun. As for this game, having not been to Michie Stadium since roughly 1997 Commencement (with some very tight security as Bill Clinton addressed the graduates), I am definitely looking forward to recapturing some of my erstwhile childhood.

The fact that BC is favored works, too.