Boston College at Army: BC Offense vs. Army Defense



The Boston College Eagles football team has inverted itself in the 2012 season. In previous years, the defense was the reliable unit and the offense struggled to score 20 points in a game. Now, it is the offense that is much more trustworthy while the defense get shredded for 500 yards a game. But how good is BC’s offense through the first four games, and how does it stack up against the Army Black Knight defense?

When considering the most valuable player on the Eagle offense, look no farther than its most improved: Chase Rettig. Whatever resurgence this team has had on that side of the football has flowed through him, as demonstrated by his 1,292 yards in four games, as well as 9 to 3 touchdown to interception ratio. His passer rating is greatly improved, and with the help of some adequate pass blocking and receivers like Alex Amidon having breakout years, the Eagles are moving the football. Rettig and Amidon have been nice stories for Boston College so far this season.

The Eagles are moving the football through the air, at least. On the ground is a totally different story. Boston College literally has one of the five worst FBS rushing offenses in the country at present, which is shocking and discouraging. One saving grace is that during the Clemson game, the running backs did not fumble, but generally speaking there has been no productivity in this phase of the game. BC is on pace to rush for only about a thousand yards this season; last year, they ran for over 1,500. That’s a lot of yards coming off the stat sheet if they don’t get better, but thankfully, Rettig and company are making up for them.

Meanwhile, the defense they will face is bad — all the lipstick at your local Macy’s couldn’t make this pig look better. As a matter of fact, it is legitimately one of the worst in the country — if it isn’t the worst, it’s not far from it. The Black Knights are 107th in total defense, 110th in scoring defense, 115th in rushing defense, and dead last, 120th, in pass efficiency defense. When you’ve got numbers like that, it’s fairly safe to say that Army’s defense is utterly bereft of redeeming qualities. Last year’s Boston College offense might have been able to move the ball on this Army team with relative success, so assuming that BC does not play a tremendously bad game, the 2012 version should be able to score with some ease.

This is one matchup in which the Eagles have a strong advantage. Even without an effective running game, Boston College, through Chase Rettig, should not have great issues scoring points. Fewer than 30 points for the Eagles would be a travesty, as no FBS team they’ve played has scored less than 41. The Eagles should probably be thinking 40.

Finally, a word to the wise: remember, Army’s run defense is near the bottom of the country. Similarly, BC’s run offense is, too. Something has to give. Do not be surprised if the Eagles’ run game has its best showing of the season so far, but don’t pretend that it’ll translate to BC gashing, say, Florida State.