Fact Check: STG on Globe’s Latest Boston College Football Piece



Who knew that we’d still have to fact-check the Boston Globe’s Boston College football articles after Blauds left? Today, Soaring to Glory will pick apart their Sunday feature, “Boston College hopes it’s close to a turnaround” by Frank Dell’Apa. I know nothing of this writer and reserve judgment on him, and there isn’t nearly as much inaccurate conjecture as in some of the previous articles I’ve fact-checked, but a few lines caught my attention and need to be critiqued.

Before we begin, is Boston College close to a turnaround? I’m not so sure about that. The Eagles played C to C-minus football against three of the more beatable teams on their schedule, and Northwestern may have been the least impressive game of the three. If a better effort is forthcoming against Clemson on September 29 then we can re-evaluate but for now, there haven’t been any signs of it.

"Boston College football coach Frank Spaziani believes the Eagles are close to turning around their fortunes."

He probably has to say that. Then again, this is the same guy who famously said “this could get ugly.”

"BC showed signs of progress Saturday, but errors at crucial times were costly in a 22-13 loss at Northwestern."

The Eagles gave up 560 yards on defense and only scored 13 points despite having a number of opportunities. What progress?

"The Eagles had the lead late in the first half and had chances to take command against the Wildcats."

BC’s biggest lead in the game was one point, and they led Northwestern for a grand total of 1 minute, 36 seconds. When I think of “chances to take command,” I think of the team going up by maybe three scores. This is pushing it. There were opportunities to jump back in front, but BC was never close to being in control of the game.

"A turning point was a lost fumble as BC was driving for a possible go-ahead score, surrendering possession at the Northwestern 4-yard line in the third quarter."


"“I don’t think there is any magic elixir,” Spaziani said, “other than being truthful and honest with them and, hopefully, there’s the trust that we’ve always had. I think they have a good grasp of what they need to do to cross the line to become a good team. “We’ve just got to get it out of them. We know how to do it and they need to respond and we’ll see. Different things we need to do – little, subtle things have to be done in practice. Although they are working and doing a lot of things, it’s still not paying off in wins, and we need to tweak it a little and do some more things.”"

Spaz is channeling his inner Jim Fassel. I think they know what’s required of them, too, yet for some reason, half the team can’t tackle or hold onto the football. As head coach, can you take even a little responsibility for your team being fundamentally unsound and unprepared to play?

"“They’re good kids and they’ve got talent. I haven’t changed my mind on that. They’re good enough, but they haven’t performed up to their capabilities.”"

Well, not today.