Fan Address to the Boston College Football Team



Admittedly, this is a difficult piece for me to write, taking the liberty of directly addressing those of you who put on the Boston College maroon and gold every week. I do not think myself so important to say these things to you, but in the chance that you do read this, someone out here in the fanbase has to convey our collective thoughts to you.

Many of us who watch your football games every weekend in the Fall went to Boston College. I did, and like you, I had fun and memorable times. We went to the same classes you did, lived in the same dorms, and had some of the same professors. My alma mater is a source of tremendous pride for me; there are few institutions on Earth I hold in higher regard than Boston College. I know that my school gets to appear on television frequently during the school year for its sports teams, and when they do, I want them to win. I will speak for every one of us out here when I say that.

We know that times have not been good in the football program in recent years. Since we out here know it, it is patently obvious that you do, too. Boston College football fans have been desperate for quite some time now to be optimistic, and it’s not just due to the aforementioned pride in BC: it is for you.

You young men could have gone to any number of different schools to play out your college football careers, but you chose our school. We know you want to be here, and that pleases us. You came to this school and put on the maroon and gold not only because you wanted the sort of education that Boston College offers, but so that you could have the chance to play for a good team that wins, and potentially puts you in the best position to further your athletic careers.

You deserve the opportunity to win.

BC football fans know that you guys are not perfect; we aren’t, either. We know that we have hard-working players who want to do their best for themselves and for those colors that represent both you and us out here in the bleachers. Maroon and gold are the ties that bind all of us, and when you gentlemen fall short, we all fall short. When you succeed, we all succeed as a Boston College community.

Simply put, there are many fans out here who believe that this football program has been led astray over the last few years by its leadership. We remember days when things did not happen the way they do now (and they weren’t very long ago), and we also know that those days can return with the right people in charge. We are frustrated with the diminishing returns, and if we are, you probably are times ten. We would like nothing more than to see this problem fixed.

We as fans stand behind you, the players. Most of us could never have dreamed to wear a Boston College uniform except for the jerseys we buy at the McElroy BC Bookstore, so we know how important you are to our university. You represent us, and we will stand strong with you. All we ask is that you stand strong with us: there is palpable disappointment, and it is probably demoralizing for all of us, but no matter what, you are our team and we respect you.

I call upon Boston College fans and students to continue attending games and supporting our school. If for no other reason, do it for these players who wake up early in the morning to practice and bust their asses every week trying to do us all proud. Fans want a better product, and I’m sure you understand that, but irrespective of what happens, we want you all to succeed. Nothing would make us happier than to brag about how good our athletics teams are. I can’t speak for the fickle ones, but as for the rest of us, we as Boston College alumni will not turn our backs on you.

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. We may all be frustrated now, but we know better times are on the horizon for Boston College football. BC Eagles players: we the fans have your back, and regardless of win-loss record, we always will. Hang in there, guys, and go Eagles.