Boston College at Northwestern: 5 Big Questions

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2. Will Chase Rettig hit the trifecta this week?

Good game in Week 1? Check. Respectable game in Week 2? Check. What does Chase Rettig have in store this week?

Assuming his receivers don’t drop the ball, I’ll say another decent game. Northwestern is only 78th in pass efficiency defense over the first two games (which is a very small sample size), but they’ve allowed 62.6% completions and give up about 7 yards per pass attempt (11.3 per completion). You can move the ball through the air against this team.

He will have to do so if BC is to have a chance. The run game just has not been there for the Eagles so far, and our running backs can’t even hold onto the football. A lot of this is going to fall on Rettig. Remember, from last year, the more BC ran the ball, the better they did, but that’s not a prescription for long-term success and with the defense looking spotty, BC needs to stay aggressive offensively. Airing it out with Rettig will be on-tap, and he should be able to have a fine day.