Boston College at Northwestern: 5 Big Questions

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4. What is it with BC and their first road games, anyway?

2009: at Clemson, (L) 25-7. The infamous Lightning Bowl disaster in which BC had 54 yards of offense.
2010: at NC State, (L) 44-17. Dave Shinskie goes 7/24; TOB beats Eagles for first time.
2011: at UCF, (L) 30-3. Eagles have 84 passing yards and 57 rushing yards; go 1-for-12 on 3rd down; Kevin Rogers vanishes (respect his privacy).

Don’t think we don’t remember how BC has gotten utterly destroyed in all three road openers under Spaz to date. Do I think BC gets destroyed here? No, but they haven’t played well when they’ve left the friendly confines of Alumni Stadium for the first time. Maybe it’s something psychological or maybe these home teams all just have an edge. In any case, BC needs to play with some confidence even though the crowd is against them.